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The School's Curriculum

Please click on the links below to view in-depth information about the curriculum at St. Mary's.  
Intent - Our curriculum builds progressive core knowledge and key curriculum concepts. Our curriculum should lead to pupils being able to recall and describe the knowledge and concepts in familiar, unfamiliar, local and global contexts. Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to make connections between their developing knowledge and concepts, their prior learning, and their lived experiences. Pupils are empowered to use written, oracy and digital communication skills to purposefully share and articulate their learning to others. Our curriculum enables our pupils to be successful, confident and responsible citizens. 
Implementation - Class teachers are responsible for planning the curriculum for their class. They make decisions about what resources and materials they use, and how they differentiate them appropriately. They do this by using their professional knowledge and expertise, sharing best practice, providing support for each other and using professional development opportunities with a focus on outcomes for individual pupils. Subject leaders and senior leaders are responsible for designing the progression in core knowledge skills and concepts into year group plans. They ensure that all teachers are familiar with the curriculum expectations through training, monitoring and coaching, with a focus on ensuring that outcomes can be achieved by all pupils. 
Impact - Class teachers routinely evaluate the progress of pupils within and across lessons using the curriculum frameworks to make judgements. They use this information to analyse how effectively pupils are achieving or exceeding expectations and to adapt their planning accordingly. Teachers provide subject leaders with timely summative information about the outcomes of pupils in their class. Subject leaders and Senior Leaders routinely evaluate the summative outcomes for each area of responsibility. They use this analysis to identify any necessary actions that develop the quality of provision in their subject, to moderate assessments, and to benchmark outcomes against expectations beyond the school. 
For more details about the curriculum being followed this term by each class, please refer to the webpage for the particular class that you are interested in. If you require paper copies of our curriculum maps please contact the school office on 01798 872007.
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