St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School, Pulborough


Spirituality - “Spirituality was generally viewed as enriching individuals in their understanding of and ability to relate to, others and of society as a whole”. Education for Adult Life (SCAA 1996)

Many people assume that spirituality is to do with Religious Education or RHE and therefore it tends to be put into those boxes. However, the truth of the matter is that it should influence all areas of education and life.


Here at St. Mary's, pupils are encouraged to: 


  • look alternatively and observe carefully, for example in Art, Science  listen with discernment 
  • recognise moments of awe and wonder provided particularly in Geography, Science, RE, Art and Music.   
  • balance awareness with the reality of life experience in discussion, e.g. dealing with behavioural issues day to day, through SEAL, PSCHE, etc. 
  • take time to be silent and to reflect on issues in moments of quiet or while music is playing – Collective Worship, prayer at the beginning of the day, lunch, end of day.
  • value what is good and worthwhile and to make value judgements through discussion and exchange of views.  
  • work collaboratively with peers, valuing the contribution made by others when working as a team.  
  • consider issues from the perspective of themselves, others, the world and beyond. 
  • respect for all, as modelled by staff in their relationships with others. 
  • experience calm and tranquil moments which afford time for reflection e.g. during assemblies or following inquiry or moments that require it.
  • have confidence to express opinion even if others do not agree. 
  • Maths – looking at patterns in the world (Fibonacci), counting things, natural objects, etc.
  • English – Myths and legends about the world around us, poetry, word play, metaphors, debate with others, discussions.
  • PE - Belonging, sense of self, seeing yourself, moving your body, swimming in water.
  • Science – Scientific enquiry/awe and wonder. Learning about the world around them.
  • Music – singing in school, inspiring others through voice, range of instruments and the sounds it makes