St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School, Pulborough

Teaching Staff

Class Teachers
UK - EYFS - Mrs E Huntley-Hart 
Thailand - EYFS/Y1 -  Mrs R Gowland/Mrs L Callender
Italy - Y1/2 - Miss A Aburrow
India - Y2 - Mrs E Baroni
New Zealand - Y3 - Miss E Heasman 
Ireland - Y3 - Miss A Taylor
Sierra Leone - Y4 - Mrs S Farrant 
USA - Y4 -  Miss R Sleat
Mexico - Y5 - Mr D Coomber 
South Africa - Y5/Y6 - Miss H Turner 
Japan - Y5/Y6 - Miss T Callender 
Staff well-being
  • We have two designated well-being leads, Mrs Hatcher and Miss Sleat.
  • We work in teams to allow staff to feel supported and to allow teams to plan and resource lessons together.
  • We have reduced our planning and reports to ensure that we only teach and write what is needed for maximum impact for the children.
  • We have reduced unnecessary meetings and made parents' meetings earlier in the day to avoid evening meetings.
  • We provide snacks in our staff rooms and the staff have all had new fleeces this year to ensure they feel a sense of belonging and are warm enough!
  • We ensure that our staff get their breaks across the school day to allow them to have time to rest and rehydrate, etc.
  • Our 'return to work' interviews allow the Senior Leadership Team to reflect on absences and how the staff can be further supported.
  • Our staff handbook talks about support for mental health and where this can be accessed and how readily available support is. 
  • Our staff events allow staff to mingle socially and develop working relationships with all.
  • We encourage professional development so that employees can develop their skills and feel fulfilled.

PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment cover) staff 

Miss Dunstall supports PPA in EYFS and Year 1/2.

Mrs Callender teaches in KS2 and takes a role in the delivery of PE.  

Miss Bell teaches Spanish.