St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School, Pulborough

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum display is a feature in our reception area at St Mary's and links with our vision statement as we swim as a shoal together through our curriculum.

It highlights four important aspects of our curriculum:


  • the subjects our pupils are taught in our broad and balanced curriculum 
  • the subject overview for the current academic year
  • a snapshot of the knowledge and skills our pupils learn and practise to remember in our cyclical curriculum 
  • our curriculum links to the community that we live in and the area that the children are growing up in

In the knowledge and skills section, the display highlights pictorially how progression is woven through each year group in our curriculum. The photos displayed here are regularly updated on our newsletter and website to give parents a flavour of what is taught, learnt, and remembered at St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School.


In each subject area you will see:


1) An end goal for each area of the curriculum and what we want our Year 6 pupils to achieve by the time the children leave us. 

2) Coverage of the National Curriculum for each key stage including the Early Years.

3) Skills knowledge through the curriculum area so that the children build on skills and prepare the children for what is coming next.

4) Key concepts and/or knowledge that the children will be able to recall as they journey through the school.

5) Vocabulary coverage and progression.

6) Practical experiences within these subject areas and opportunities for the children to show their learning.