St Mary's C of E (Aided) Primary School, Pulborough

Ocean Art - Year 5 and Year 6

South Africa, Japan and Mexico have started a project named 'Our Oceans' in Art this term. We have studied the work of two contemporary artists and experimented with their techniques using a range of media. 


We began by exploring the work of sculptor Courtney Mattison, who creates large scale ceramic installations that reflect the astounding beauty of coral reefs and show the impact that human behaviour can have on their existence.


Next, we looked at the work of illustrator Yellena James, who uses paint, ink and pen to combine abstract forms into dazzling ocean images. We discussed how she uses vibrant colours to make the shapes appear more vivid and clear and complementary colours to make details stand out against the background in her pieces.


The children have completed observational drawings of coral using inspiration gained from these two artists. They have also had the opportunity to explore shape, line, tone and texture using watercolour and fine-liner pen.


Over the coming weeks, we will create a collaborative mixed-media sculpture to highlight the issues of plastic in the oceans and coral bleaching.