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Request for Absence from Learning / Holiday form

The form below needs to be filled in when requesting any type of time away from school eg. holidays, doctor's or dentist appointments etc.

Holiday requests – We still can’t get our attendance in line or above national and so we will focussing on attendance. No holiday will be authorised and with absences over five days we will be following the guidance from West Sussex County Council about fining.

  • Headteachers may not grant absence for holidays during term time – ‘any application for leave must be in exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant the granting of leave’.
  • If a family choose to take their child/children out of school for a holiday they may be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice if unauthorised absences reach 10 sessions (a session is half a day so 10 sessions is equal to 5 days) Holidays of any length will not be authorised except in exceptional circumstances such as Armed Forces, bereavement.
  • You may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice of £120 (£60 if paid promptly) per parent with Parental Responsibility, per child if you take your child out for an unauthorised holiday: referrals are made for all holidays of 5 days or more, then you will be referred for a Fixed Penalty Notice from West Sussex County Council.