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School Council


School council meet every Wednesday lunchtime with an agenda created by the school's leadership team, teachers and the pupils themselves. Every class has two school council representatives to fulfil their duties. 



School council discussed and chose the following charities to support this academic year:

Family Support Work - local

Step - National

Unicef – International   

Visual representation for our vision

School council reviewed our school vision statement that features in every classroom. They are working on what the vision statement means to our pupils and involving their classes in exploring this further.

World of Work Day

The school council are keen to explore the world of work as they feel that this has helped them think about what they want to do when they are older and moving on to the next step on their journey. They met and came up with suggestions of vets, veterinary nurse, palaeontologist, astronaut, scientist, mechanic, pilot, baker and inventor to name a few. The school council will send letters about the event now and see who will come and support this. The school council are then to organise the day for the rest of the school.

Book swap  

The school council are keen to organise a book swap as reading is at the heart of what we do. They have taken the idea to their classes and we will see their next steps.

Cake Sale 

The School Council ran a  cake sale and raised over £168.00 for Family Support Work.

Vision statement

The school council have been putting together how they see the school's vision. 



MAY 2022 - School Council Meeting 

What events would you like for Sports Day?

Long jump (yr 4)

hurdles (yr 4)

obstacle course(yr 1)

hoola hoops (year 4)

running race/sprinting (yr 2)

Egg and spoon race (year 4)

relay race (year 5) 

Skipping (yr 5)


Do you feel safe at school?

yes definitely (100%) 


How could it be safer?

(yr 5) have a separate class for children who struggle with lots of others. (All had a discussion) have a sensory room - chairs stuck to floor, no chairs, just cushions and time to reflect.

Raff (Tha Y1) - people who haven't got a home, School Teachers could keep them here and make them comfortable ❤

(yr 4) maybe upgrade the fences so they are taller - will stop people getting in and out and stop people from kicking the ball over the fence to other gardens. 


Discussed sponsored walk for STEP charity, all agreed and would like to do it. Will have a look at sponsorship form for that and a date.

drawing competition - pay a £1 to enter.. 

 How can we make lessons more fun?


More drama (yr 5)

Outdoor classroom for Science (yr5)

Topic ideas - the children felt there was a lot going on in their new half termly topics

Engines - bring cars in to take apart engines (yr5)

Emergency workers (yr 4)

Nature visits (yr 2)

Animals in school to look after (yr 4)