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Ireland Class (Year 3)

We are currently learning about 'Light' in Science. As this week is Science week, we discussed what causes a shadow and went on a shadow hunt around the school to identify the source of the light, the opaque object and what the shadow form was.

As part of their ongoing Science investigations, Ireland class carried out a series of tests to see if the size of your feet has any correlation to your height…. It appears that, at this stage of their lives, there is no link. How disappointing….

This week, Ireland class has been learning about money - 'buying' items and giving the correct change...
Ireland class have been enjoying some in-class reading...
Year 3 have hit the ground running with their Science topic of Rocks...by making their own igneous and sedimentary rocks, out of chocolate!
As you can see, a happy time was had by all!
Continuing the 'Rocks' theme, Ireland class spent some time classifying rock samples by texture.
Ireland class are studying 'Rivers' this term and have been experimenting with designing their own. Luckily no-one fell in...

Welcome to Ireland's class page. Mrs Benson is our class teacher and we are Year 3 children.

Ireland class had a great morning making paper lanterns as part of Chichester Festival Theatre's art outreach programme. After making a willow frame, tissue paper was washed with glue and stuck around the frame. Then the silhouettes of birds were drawn and cut out and applied to the sides. The children have been invited to join the Parade of Lights in Chichester on June 10th - more details to follow.
Today Ireland class have been studying the geographical features of the landscape, using Ordnance Survey maps.
Continuing their 'Rocks' theme, Ireland class made close inspection of bricks and other construction materials round the school, looking to see what rocks can be used for and where they can be found.
In Maths this week, Ireland class have been using arrays of many different kinds to demonstrate repeated addition and multiplication.