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Ireland Class (Year 3)

One of the first tasks in Ireland class was working together to make Irish potato farls (cakes) This was much enjoyed by the children and involved weighing the ingredients and stirring before dividing the mixture and taking the farls home to bake.

Welcome to Ireland's class page. Mrs Benson is our class teacher and we are Year 3 children.

As part of their Science topic, Forces & Magnets, Ireland class have been experimenting with ramps to see how far a toy car can travel if allowed to build up its own momentum after being let go at different points on a ramp. They discovered that the higher up the ramp it starts, the further the distance it will travel. Excellent work, Ireland class!

Ireland class began their Maths topics with an exploration of different resources that can be used to convey numbers and differing amounts of things. Playing cards, beads, currency and counters were all put to good use.