7 Billion Ideas Day

7th September 2016
Last week we had a really exciting start to the new school year including a Day to Change the World.  This was sponsored by the local Lions and presented by 7 Billion Ideas Education.  Children from across the school spent the day thinking of wonderful inventions that would really change the world.  These included boats that could sweep the ocean floor of debris and contamination making our oceans cleaner and safer for the animals living there;  ingenious devices that would help disabled people get dressed in the mornings;  houses that were built to hover so that they could easily be transported from one place to another and many, many more.  The winning team came from USA class where Isabelle, Josh, Reuben and Fleur came up with the idea of a Tremendous Telescope that would enable anyone unable to travel to see any parts of the world that interested them.  The Tremendous Telescope could be used by disabled people, people who were unable to get a Passport, people with a phobia of flying, people who could not afford the cost of travel, to name but a few.  Next month Isabelle, Josh, Reuben and Fleur will present their idea at the finals to be held at The Weald School.