The School's Aims

A Christ-centred school with a child-centred curriculum.
Our Values

We believe in:

1. teaching children right from wrong.
2. developing qualities of kindness, honesty and integrity and demonstrating these at all times.
3. showing and teaching children good manners.
4. setting appropriate and consistent expectations of behaviour with clear boundaries and appropriate sanctions.
5. providing all children with the opportunity to flourish in their studies and their leisure interests.
6. maximising children’s time in school for learning.
7. providing a well qualified, committed and effective staff who are keen to develop further professionally.
8. active parent participation in every aspect of their child’s education.
9. providing a high quality learning environment and appropriate resources.
Our vision is to be a school where all children experience a diverse range of learning opportunities facilitated by enthusiastic staff who recognise and encourage the potential in every learner.  Our staff will aim to ensure that all children develop into confident, responsible and successful members of their community, based on shared Christian values.