Teaching staff

UK - EYFS - Mrs L Callender and Mrs K Norgate
Austria - EYFS/Y1 - Mrs E Huntley-Hart and Mrs P Haley-Chattaway
Thailand - Y1 - Mrs N Hubble and Mrs S Adams
France - Y1/2 - Miss R Sleat and Mrs V Ansell
India - Y2 - Miss M Wilkins/Miss N Gorecka and Mrs A Tiller
New Zealand - Y3 - Miss E Heasman and Mrs S Shepherd
Ireland - Y3 - Mrs D Benson and Mrs J Underwood
Sierra Leone - Y4 - Mrs S Farrant and Mrs R Parsons
USA - Y4 - Mrs R Gowland / Mrs C Martin-Wells and Mr H Yates
China - Y5 - Mr D Coomber and Mrs N Barnes
Mexico - Y5 - Miss T Callender and Mrs R Metaliaj
South Africa - Y6 - Miss H Turner and Mrs K Bryan
Japan - Y6 - Mr L Rogers and Mrs D Sherlock-Fuidge (am) and Mrs T Lee (pm)
Teaching Assistants – Our teaching assistants are employed to support the needs of the pupils and so maybe moved around depending on the need. We are also aware that we have to keep the movement of our staff to a minimum so staff will be staying within zones. Our teaching assistants will also cover classes if the teacher is off, to reduce contact from external agencies such as supply teachers. 

Mrs Lee worksas a Learning Mentor in the mornings and Ms Harrison works with pastoral support, special educational needs and speech and language plans for children. Mr M Jones and Miss S Miller will be providing phonics support and small group support as required.

 Mrs Treadwell is our Swimming Coach

 PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment cover) staff – Miss Dunstall supports PPA in EYFS and Year 1/2. Mrs Burbidge teaches in KS2 and taking a role in the delivery of PE.  Miss Bell teaches Spanish.