School Uniform

Our School Uniform can be purchased on line from Tesco Embroidered Uniform Service by following this link.

It is an important part of pupils' identity that they wear school uniform and that a distinction is made between school clothes and play clothes.

It is hoped that pupils gain a sense of belonging and a pride in their personal appearance through wearing the school uniform.

During PE lessons in the hall, pupils are encouraged to be bare-footed, but children will require stout trainers for playground and field sessions. Girls may wear navy games skirt for Netball. 

During the summer term, a swimming costume and towel is required, also a hat for long hair (available from the school office).

Polo shirt, White with crest
Trousers, Plain grey
Shorts, Plain grey
Sweatshirt Round neck, navy blue with crest
Socks, Grey 

Polo Shirt, White with Crest
Skirt/Tunic Navy blue
Trousers, Navy blue
Summer dress, blue gingham (no stripes)
Sweatshirt Round neck, navy blue with crest or
Cardigan V neck, navy blue with crest
Socks, White
Small and discrete hair ties in school colours

Parents are asked to provide sensible black outdoor shoes; any style of top coat may be worn, however school fleeces may be purchased.

Plimsolls (elastic fronts, not laces)
Navy shorts
White T-shirt with Crest 
Trainers (for outside use)

Other items also available include :
Baseball caps
Replacement book bags
PE bags