Pulborough Harvest Fayre

22nd September 2018

St Mary's was heavily involved in the Pulborough Harvest Fayre this year. It was fantastic to see so many scarecrows with the theme 'Sporting Heroes'. They lined the Glebe field. Thank you to all of our children who took the time to participate. In addition to this, St Mary's children's art work filled the church in the form of an art gallery. There were so many positive comments about the high standard of work. Also we'd like to say a big thank you to the staff and PTA who ran a stall with hampers and a bottle tombola raising money for the school.

Year 6 children were also there fundraising for the Big Top with a decorating biscuits stall. They showed great independence with this task and they were so encouraging towards the younger children as well as showing the christian values of friendship, compassion and helpfulness. Thank you to those Year 6 children who gave up their time.