A Visit from the Rabbi

24th October 2019
On the Thursday before half term, Year 2 had a visit from Rabbi Hershel Rader from the Brighton & East Hove Synagogue as part of their RE studies. Rabbi Rader told the children about various artifacts used by Jews in their faith, as well as about some of the festivals that they celebrate. They learnt about the Torah scroll, the first 5 books in the Christian Bible, traditionally ascribed to Moses, recipient of the original revelation from God on Mt. Sinai, the significance of the Menorah, the seven-lamp lampstand, and of the Shofar, the traditional ram's horn trumpet as used by Joshua to topple the walls of Jericho, which is also used at Rosh Ha Shanah, the Jewish celebration of New Year. They also learnt about Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights.To complete their studies, the children have been writing 'bubbles' to show what they learnt from the Rabbi. Here is a selection:
"Jews celebrate many festivals every year. A trumpet, made from a ram's horn, is blown in the synagogue" - Elani
"We learnt about who the Jews are and that they have many festivals. They pray in a synagogue" - Martha
"Jews pray like us Christians. They pray to their God to be close to him" - Scarlett
" The horn trumpet is blown three times in the synagogue" - Franco