Evacuee Day

31st October 2017
Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous first day back after half term with an 'Evacuee Day'. The day helped to bring to life some of the experiences children may have faced during the war and on the Home Front. With many exciting activities to choose from - plane making, war-time cookery, drama and make-do-and-mend to name but a few - it was sure to be an action packed day. A big THANK YOU to all the parents who contributed to the day's success, either organising an activity or providing a costume for the children to wear, it was very much appreciated.

On Monday, the Year 6 children will follow this activity with a DT and Cookery day. They will design and build models of Anderson Shelters and Tesco's have kindly offered to come in and cook some more war-time recipes with groups of children throughout the day. What an exciting start to this half term!