Hawking About

15th January 2020
The children in Year 3 spent a fascinating morning with Kevin and some of the birds of prey from 'Hawking About' - a tawny owl, a barn owl,a kestrel and a peregrine falcon. Some of the children were brave enough to hold the birds, while others were chosen by the birds as perches! Kevin told the children about the lifestyles of the birds - how they hunt, what they eat, where they live and how they fly. He had also brought some owl pellets so the children could have a look through them to see if they could find the bones of any small animals that had been eaten by the owls.
"Sometimes the birds flew so fast it was difficult to watch them" - Ruben
"I was surprised to learn that owls can turn their heads all the way around" - Brodie
Thank you to Kevin,the birds and 'Hawking About' for an amazing morning!