16/10/18 (7pm) - Dinner of chicken nuggets, chips, lasagna or vegetarian kiev with a selection of vegetables. Now off to wacky races.

16/10/2018 (3.00pm) - Jacket potatoes with chilli and salad for lunch, Sensory Trail & Orienteering completed this morning, followed by low ropes and zip wire this afternoon.

16/10/2018 (8.30am)- First night done, some sleep was had. Full English breakfast was enjoyed by all, and they are off into the misty forest for their first day of activities.

15/10/2108 - Year 5 residential update at 3.00pm, all arrived safely at Marchants Hill.
Attendance by Class 
Week beginning 8th October 2018
Overall attendance was 93.67%
Target 96.5%
UK Class 90.45% Ireland Class 86.30%
Austria Class 92.17% USA Class 95.83%
France Class 90.00% Sierra Leone Class 96.09%
Thailand Class 96.67% China Class 96.67%
India Class 95.00% Mexico Class 94.78%
New Zealand Class 92.22% South Africa Class 97.60%
    Japan Class 94.81%

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