Fairtrade Fortnight

25th February 2019

We launched Fairtrade Fortnight with a whole school assembly on Monday. The theme this year is cocoa! The Fairtrade prefects organised a drama titled ‘Choc to the Future,’ in which a group of children and their teacher use time travel to investigate what would happen if chocolate became completely unsustainable in the future. Mrs Copus showed some examples of Fairtrade food products and shared the Parable of the Sower. The children reflected on the meaning of the seeds falling on the stony ground and the rich, fertile soil, and shared their ideas about where they would want their seeds to fall.

In class, the children have been learning more about the work and aims of Fairtrade and the journey of chocolate from cocoa pod to supermarket, focusing on the importance of ensuring that everyone involved in the supply chain receives a fair price for their efforts. Thank you to Tesco for their kind donation of Fairtrade chocolate – the children will be sharing this with their buddy classes next week. The Fairtrade prefects will also be involved in organising an afternoon tea party to share their knowledge of Fairtrade with members of the Rotary Club, further information to follow.