Fairtrade Fortnight

26th February 2018

Mrs Copus led a special assembly on Monday to launch Fairtrade Fortnight. The children looked at different types of Fairtrade produce and learnt how these items can be identified by the Fairtrade logo. They found out about the different groups of people who are involved in the supply chain delivering bananas from countries such as Panama; these include shopkeepers, people in charge of ripening bananas, people who transport them to the UK, people who sell the bananas in the country that they are grown and the banana farmers themselves. Taylor, Katie, Wills and Tyler from USA class took part in a short drama showing how the farmers worked very hard but earnt very little money and their living conditions were poor. They explained how this changed when they started selling their bananas on Fairtrade terms and the farmers received a fair price for their work in producing them.


The children will be learning more about the work and aims of Fairtrade in their classes and at Forest School over the next two weeks. They will also have the opportunity to find out about the production of a variety of Fairtrade foods and other items. Thank you to Tesco for their kind donation of Fairtrade bananas for the children to share. The children in Year 6 have already enjoyed making a delicious banana loaf using Fairtrade bananas and Fairtrade sugar.


Nick Herbert MP visited school last Friday to find out more about Fairtrade Fortnight. Thank you to Josh and Georgie from China class for leading the tour and speaking so knowledgably to him about Fairtrade.