Drusilla's Zoo Visit - Yr 4

21st October 2019

As part of this term's 'Rumble in the Jungle' topic, the children in Year 4 visited Drusilla's Park in East Sussex on Monday. They learnt lots about a variety of animals including meerkats, lemurs, snakes, sloths, marmosets, coatis, fruit bats and flamingos. Once again, the rainbow lorikeets were very popular! We were fortunate to take part in a rainforest workshop to extend our knowledge about this environment and the animals that inhabit it. We also learnt more about topics such as deforestation, how to protect rain forest environments and the illegal trafficking of items from protected species, such as crocodile skins and ivory and investigated the impact that environmental changes can have on living things. Some of the children were even brave enough to stroke a royal python named Kaa!

Thank you to all of the adults who accompanied us - it was an extremely worthwhile experience for the children.