Colour Run 2019

8th June 2019
Saturday 8 June saw the occasion of our annual school fete, featuring the ever-popular Colour Run. Our roving reporter, William O, filed this report:
"On Saturday the 8th June, St Mary's School hosted their annual Colour Run. Personally I didn’t run because I decided it would be more fun to get revenge on people I like than to run with people I like. There were lots of stalls including Wet the Teacher, The Chocolate & Bottle Tombolas and Adopt a glowing teddy station. It rained quite considerably towards the end of the event and at the other times too; but still the event went on."
We are very grateful to the PTA who work tirelessly in their efforts to raise extra money for the school, they do a wonderful job and help us to fund lots of extra items and experiences for the children, including installation of a Living Willow Classroom, refurbishment and maintenance of our outdoor swimming pool, playground equipment, computers and environmental improvements. The PTA also provides funds for ongoing expenditure – helping towards the cost of school trips and entertainment and smaller items of school equipment. The Summer Fete is the PTA's biggest fund-raiser and we would like to thank everyone who attended for their support, it really does make such a difference to the children.