Bridge experience 5.6.19

5th June 2019
David and Peter from the local Bridge Club visited us on Wednesday and the Year 4 and 5 classes had an opportunity to take part in a taster session of Bridge. An after school Bridge Club will be starting on Monday 17th June till Monday 15th July, from 3.15 - 4.00pm. Please return the reply slip as soon as possible or let the Office know if your child is interested in taking part .
St. Mary's roving reporter, William Orrell, wrote this report:
On the 5th June, two men came to teach the Year 4 and Year 5 children the strategic game of Bridge. Approximately two hundred million people play Bridge worldwide! That’s more than three times the population of the UK! Bill Gates plays Bridge as well as being a world class chess player. To play Bridge you are labelled either as a North, East, South or West depending on where you are sitting. You are given a block that you place in the centre, each side has cards of a certain section, E.G. Spades. The main aim of this was to find out if we wanted to join the club that the school was setting up.