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Yr 6 Evacuee Day

As part of their study of World War II, the children in Yr 6 experienced what it might have felt like to be an evacuee in 1940.
Dressed in contemporary costume, clutching their gas masks and adorned with a luggage label with their name and home address inscribed upon it, they walked from the school to Pulborough Station, although they didn't actually get on a train! They discussed how they might have felt if they had been going to be evacuated and how their parents would have felt if they had had to send them away. On their return to the school, they held a Zoom question and answer session with some pensioners who could remember evacuation.
"The children found the experience very memorable and thought-provoking, asking some very interesting questions of our Zoom visitors, showing how they had taken everything on board" said Miss Turner, one of the Yr 6 teachers.
Well done to the children (and their parents) - they really looked the part and an enlightening day was had by all.