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World of Work Day

What a fantastic day St Mary's have had learning about a whole host of different types of jobs on World of Work Day. The children learnt how each person chose their profession and what their job entails. 


In Reception and KS1 the children enjoyed talks from an air traffic controller - Dr M Leach, an environmental officer - Mrs Cargill, a marine biologist - Katy Lester, a midwife - Mrs Moggridge and Simon - a member of the Armed Forces.


KS2 were joined by a 6’10” bodyguard - Ben, a software angineer - Dr Ezeoke, an electrical engineer- Dr S Leach, Mrs Moggridge,  Katy Lester and Simon. 


Thank you to Ms Sleat for organizing this event and thank you so much to these amazing individuals for giving up their time to talk to us.