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Weald Book Award

Congratulations to the Year 6 children who have taken part in the Weald Book Award this year. This is a project for able readers involving other primary schools in the locality. The children involved have read six challenging books by new authors and submitted work that they have produced in response to these titles to a series of competitions. After reading all six titles, the children were asked to vote for their favourite; our votes were then combined with those from other participating schools to determine the winning title. This week, we were delighted to learn that 'The Mask of Aribella' by Anna Hoghton was the overall winner - this title was a firm favourite amongst the St Mary's readers!


Well done to Lily, Mae, Maddie, Oliver D, Alex and George (South Africa) and Freya, Aimee, Chene, Holly, James H and Jensen (Japan) for their hard work and commitment to the project throughout the year.


The Weald have selected the following children as competition winners:


Reading photo - George and Mae; Front cover illustration - Lily; Poem - Chene and Alex; Character creation - Mae; Letter writing - Mae.