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KS2 SATs Breakfast Club

We loved having breakfast today - a choice of pancakes, waffles, brioche, fruit salad, yoghurts, cereal and scrambled eggs on toast with apple or orange juice. The impact of this was that the pupils' anxiety was reduced and they were all fed and ready to go. "We were ready with our friends and had talked about our worries, we had checked we were all in and we got to spend some time making sure our memory was working with some warm up exercises". 
We are so proud of the children of St Mary's. We know that SATs doesn't recognise the artists, scientists, swimmers, writers, readers and astronauts that we have at St Mary's and we know that we have the best pupils and that they are dedicated and courageous. No child has ever been through what they have experienced in the last two years and they still show resilience! Well done to all Year 6 pupils and thank you to Mrs Russell and her 'waitresses'! Have a good week, Year 6...