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INSET day - Focus on reading and drama

Staff INSET Day
Focus on our School Improvement priorities of reading and expressive and receptive language and curriculum development from our reading spine.
On Monday 28th February the staff were involved in professional development opportunity around reading and drama which reflects the priorities in our school improvement plan.
Chalkpath Theatre joined us for the day to look at teaching techniques that can be utilised to involve the children in reading quality texts, exploring vocabulary and exploring key concepts such as inference and deduction through drama. 
The staff all engaged in the day and found it inspiring to learn different strategies and how these can enhance children's reading experiences. Drama engages the children in an interactive way and deepening the children's learning by exploring concepts to a deeper level. 
World Book Day was a great opportunity to practise some of the techniques and share texts with the children and we can already see the impact with more confident children, greater understanding of the texts that they are exploring, consolidation of new vocabulary from the reading and development of the children as readers.