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Coronation celebrations

The children at St Mary's School were delighted to be able to celebrate the imminent Coronations of King Charles and Queen Camilla by holding a non-uniform day on which the children were encouraged to wear red-white and blue clothing. Following a celebratory picnic lunch in the beautifully decorated dining hall, the children across the school took part in art activities in the afternoon and some beautiful pieces were produced. Well done, all of you!
 It is interesting to compare these celebrations with the celebrations from 1953...
The children in NZ class foraged for natural resources to recreate images of King Charles' buildings.

SA class have been working on a collaborative piece of artwork in the style of Chuck Close, the renowned photo-realism artist. Each child is creating a section of the work, which, when completed, will form a portrait of King Charles. They have also been working on clay ‘coins’ featuring the new King.

And here are the completed 'coins' for the new King's reign - the collaborative artwork is to follow...