World Book Day

1st March 2018
Well done and thank you to everyone for coming into school on Thursday dressed in such fantastic costumes. We had everyone (or everything!) from Magical Unicorns, Red Riding Hood, Fantastic Mr Fox, Peter Rabbit and The Grinch to Harry Potter, Hermione and the White Rabbit. The day began with a lively assembly which was followed by opportunities for the children to hear members of staff reading their own favourite books.
The children then had drama workshops led by Ms Frances as well as class-based activities including making books and bookmarks, reading with their Buddies and writing their own play scripts. To quote Miss Field, “My class thoroughly enjoyed the drama with Ms Frances; they came back beaming about underwater animals and the conga! We also began creating polar bear scenes in art by using pastels and we blended the colours to create a hazy sunset. Wrapped up in aprons, the costumes came out unscathed! We'll be adding paper mountain ranges and polar bears to these scenes on Friday.”
‘A BIG Thank you to Ms Frances for organising such an enriching day for the children’