Visit to Lodge Hill

8th November 2017
Our Year 5 children took part in a series of outdoor adventurous challenges last week at Lodge Hill. With the support of the local Rotary Club, we have been able to offer all the children in Year Five two visits to the Lodge Hill centre. Half of the children went this week and will go again in about three weeks’ time. The rest of Year Five will be going in January.
The first set of challenges included archery, the low ropes and the high wobble board. Children learned a great deal about teamwork, leadership and overcoming barriers. Whilst none of the children were forced to take part in any activity, it was really encouraging to see the way they supported one another so that everyone was able to get a very real sense of personal achievement. We would like to say a special thank you to Matthew from the Rotary Club for arranging this visit and, of course, to the staff at Lodge Hill.