Tree Planting Day

22nd November 2017
On Wednesday 22nd November we were joined by Katie Parker from the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Early Years spent the day planting trees that had been awarded through the Woodland Trusts 'Free Trees' scheme. It was a very exciting day and the children worked alongside Katie, parent helpers and staff to create a hedge which will sweep around the edge of the Forest School site. This will not only enhance the setting by creating a sense of being separate to the school as if 'being transported to another world' but also through providing many opportunities for new wildlife to inhabit the site in the future. The children are looking forward to seeing the hedge grow as they move up through St. Mary's- we have been trying to estimate how tall it will be by the time they get to year 6!

We would like to thank the following parents who came along and helped with this exciting project; Diane Tucker, Liz James, Annie Lewis, Charlotte Cargill and Hilary Pullen. I think it's fair to say they enjoyed it as much as the children!