Science at The Weald

25th September 2015
Some of our children in Year 6 have had their first science lesson at The Weald as part of the school's transition programme for primary children in the area who are going to be moving on to secondary school at the end of the year. During the course of the session, the children were taught how to safely light and use a Bunsen burner, and then used this skill to conduct an experiment where they burnt different types of food and observed what happened.
The children enjoyed visiting a secondary school and learning to use some of the scientific equipment that they will be using more regularly once they move into Year 7. At the end of the lesson, they watched the teacher demonstrate what happens when other materials including iron wool and magnesium are burnt! This was the first session of five that will take place during the Autumn Term with the rest of Year 6 due to begin their transition visits after Christmas.