Garden Goodness

5th June 2017
Year 6 have restarted a fabulous gardening project, using the polytunnel and cultivating existing crops of raspberries. Considerable thanks go to Liz James, Ella's mum, who has worked very hard to get St. Mary's Garden Goodness back up and running once more. Thanks also go to Sandy from the rotary for a huge donation of plants and flowers - chillies, cucumbers and raspberries to mention but a few.

We now need your help to keep the garden going! If you can spare a couple of hours on Saturday morning 10th June to help weed and plant the garden, or fuel the workers with a delicious cake, we would be ever so grateful.

This is an on-going project which we would like to see run again next year so if there are any Year 5 parents or family members that are green-fingered or just have the necessary enthusiasm to give it a go we would love to hear from you.